All about tile flooring

Tile flooring adds sophistication, high design, and glamour to any room in the house, from the kitchen and bath to the living room and hallway. Tile comes in countless designs, is durable, easy to clean, long-lasting, and adds value to a property. Be mindful, however, that there are many types of ceramic tiles, including porcelain, and they each have their characteristics, making some better than others for specific installations. The right or wrong tile can impact a remodeling project.

Bathrooms: small spaces, major roles

Great tile design adds the "wow factor" to the bath, whether you want glass tile on the wall, chevron and herringbone patterns on the tub surround, or wood or stone looks on the floor. At Trent's Floor Solutions, we're Schluter-certified, so we create custom baths with tiled walls, floors, ledges of various heights; storage cubby holes built right into the shower for easy access to shampoos and soaps; grab bars; doorless showers and more. Customizing the bath for the aging or disabled doesn't translate to an institutional-looking design, so we make sure they're just as stylish as anything we create. If you would like information on custom showers, don't hesitate to visit our tile shop in Hot Springs, AR.

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Some of the best tiles for floors

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the best for floors. Porcelain, especially, is ideal for busy, heavily trafficked floors both indoors and out. It's heavier, completely waterproof, and can even stand up to any weather condition. Available in countless colors and patterns, it's often a preferred choice for wood look or stone looks. Mosaic tiles, the tiny, durable, often glass-coated pieces, are currently trending for bathrooms, as much for their distinctive style as their many grout lines that add texture and enhance traction.

The 4 X 4 squares are terrific for indoor floors in moderately busy rooms. When glazed, they are waterproof and have a hard coating. Highly designed, these tiles can be mixed and matched to create a personalized design. Another ceramic, the subway tile, should only be used on indoor low traffic floors.

Let the professionals at Trent's Floor Solutions inspire you and show you all the great designs and styles you can accomplish with tile flooring. Come into our showroom in Hot Springs, AR to learn more and get a free tile flooring quote. We work with homeowners and businesses in and around Hot Springs, AR, Rockport, AR, Benton, AR, Glenwood, AR, Hot Springs Village, AR, Malvern, AR, Mount Ida, AR, Pearcy, AR, Royal, AR && Lonsdale, AR.